Top 5 Things to do in the Peak District

The peak district has some of the best views in the UK and makes an ideal spot for caravanners and campers wanting to get away into the countryside. Below is some of the best attractions the Peak District has to offer. 1. Matlock Bath has a lot to offer with cable cars accross Derwent valley, sea-side style arcade games and if you're entertaining young children Gulivers Kingdom is a fantastic theme park for young kids. 2. Explore the village of Eyam and hear the story of the 17th century villagers quarantining themselves after an outbreak of plague. 3. Visit the famous Haddon Hall where three film versions of Charlotte Brone's Ja

How to Repair Tears or Hole in Your Awning Canvas

Is it inevitable that at some point you are likely to experience small years or holes in your canvas, this doesn't mean that it should be chucked right away. Here are some tips on properly repairing small tears or holes in your awning canvas. Make sure you have the correct repair kit for your awning canvas, Isabella, Dorema, Kampa and Pyramid have repair kits available but still make sure that the colour or canvas type is suitable for your awning repair. 1. Firstly use a water-base, non-abrasive cleaning solution and carefully clean both sides of the canvas where the repair is needed. This cleaning is important as mold or mildew under the repair tape might make any damage worse. 2. Thoroughl

Tips for Checking Your Caravan Tyres

Your tyres are an essential piece of your kit, when you're accelerating, breaking or cornering it is important that your tyres are in good working condition before any trips you plan on taking in your caravan. When checking your tyres, in order to be thorough, you might want to use a tyre jack so that you can easily see the entire tyre. Before your about to go touring with your caravan it's important to do the basic checks for cuts and bulges in your tyres. Make sure if you find any problems that you replace your tyre or repair the tyre if it is safe and possible. Some advise that tyres be changed after five years however your tyre manufacturer may advise differently so you should double che

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