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Mofffat Manor Holiday caravan park in Dumfries is offering free meals and accommodation to the homel

Staff at Moffat Manor Country park are behind the project offering a free stay for those with nowhere else to go.

Communications assistant Colin Macdonald said: “Homeless people are often freezing cold around Christmas and rely on food banks.

“Suicide rates also go up around this time so I thought about how we could help people in need. Our caravans and bistro should be perfect for them.

“We want them to have a memory that will last instead of feeling isolated and depressed.”

Colin added: “The park is quiet around Christmas so it was a no-brainer to try and use empty caravans for something meaningful.”

Meals will be offered to those in need between the 20th and 27th as well as accommodation in a luxury caravan.

There are five caravans available for up to ten people. Anyone interested in this offer or knows someone who would benefit should contact park manager Sally Deverill on 01683 300591.

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