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Motorhome & Caravan Spares

Because we are dedicated to helping you maintain, refurbish and repair your caravan and awnings we stock a huge range of caravan and awning spares, accessories and repair kits. Has your Isabella awning has a small tear? Is there a crack in your caravan side? Have you lost or broken an essential part of your rig? We hope to have every caravan part and awning spare you need within our store.

Lumo Caravan Lighting Spares

Looking for a new lumo light for your caravan? Caravan Megastore stocks a wide range of caravan lighting spares and lighting fixtures. Lumo’s low wattage lighting is ideal for caravans and motorhomes. Light up your caravan with our range of 12v LED lights for caravans and spare LED caravan bulbs.

Thetford Caravan Spares

Caravan spare parts for your Thetford waste systems including spares for C2, C3, C4 or C5 toilets. Whether you need a spare caravan toilet lid, a drain tube assembley or caravan waste hose we have an extensive range of caravan and motorhome waste spares.

Dometic Caravan Spares

Caravan spare parts for Dometic toilets, caravan fixtures and Dometic refrigerators. Our site Caravan Megastore includes a huge range of Dometic caravan spares with product codes so you can make sure you have the correct spare for your caravan.

Truma Caravan Spares

Truma caravan spare parts for Truma heating systems, Truma water system spares and Truma awning warmer spares. We stock awning warmer spare lids, Truma inlet hoses, Truma crystal 2 spares and many other parts to fix up your Truma system.

Isabella Caravan Awning Spares & Parts

Isabella Porch awning and full awning spare parts to make your awning good as new! Have you lost a pole end or zip pull for your Isabella awning? We have a huge range of Isabella awning spares to repair your Isabella awning easily.

Dorema Caravan Awning Spares

Dorema caravan awning spares to restore your awning to its former glory. If your dorema pegging ladders are broken or your quick lock pads have snapped, we have plenty of spares in stock for your Dorema awning.

Bradcot Caravan Awning Spares

Easy alloy Bradcot pole spares and Bradcot awning spares for your Bradcot porch and full awnings. We stock a full range of Bradcot caravan awning spares and parts to repair your awnings.

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