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A Guide to Dorema Pole Options

It can be difficult to select the right frame for your when purchasing a Dorema awning. Most models come with a standard steel frame and higher quality frames are availiable at an extra cost. Below is the break down of the benefits of Dorema's different pole options and awning pole extras.

Dorema Multi Nova Excellent


Dorema's aluminum frame is ideal if you want to avoid the heaviness of a steel frame as it weighs around half the weight of a standard steel frame. It has a long life span and doesn't rust as easily as the steel frame. The frame consists of three major sections and three roof support poles. Each section contains a number of poles which are telescopic or are connected together with a spring system.


The new Fibre Tech Plus frame provides extra stength and is a very stable frame for your awning. Fibre Tech frame is a top quality woven fibreglass tube that's easy to handle and simple to erect. It's new Easy clamp system makes it easy to erect and has a long life span.


EasyGrip frames are now standard on most Dorema awning steel or aluminium frames. EasyGrip frames make erecting your awning and tensioning your frame easier. With an EasyGrip frame you only need to adjust the poles and press the clamp and your frame is tensioned.

EasyGrip Frames come as standard on steel an aluminium frames for the following awnings;

  • Quattro range

  • Safari XL

  • Omega De Luxe

  • Mistral All Season

  • Daytona 240 / Daytona XL270 / Daytona XL300

  • Multi Nova / Multi Nova Excellent

  • Garda 240 / Garda 240 Deluxe / Garda XL270

  • Grande Octavia / Octavia

  • President XL280 / President 250 / President XL300

  • Royal 350 / Royal 350 Deluxe

  • Modial Sun Canopy


Dorema's quick lock pads mean that it is no longer necessary to screw eyelets onto the caravan. Now Standard with all Dorema awnings unless stated;

  • Quick Lock Pads

  • Wheel Arch Cover

  • Awning Skirt

  • Frame Bag

  • Curtains

  • Ladder Straps

  • Pegs

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