A Guide to Dorema Pole Options

It can be difficult to select the right frame for your when purchasing a Dorema awning. Most models come with a standard steel frame and higher quality frames are availiable at an extra cost. Below is the break down of the benefits of Dorema's different pole options and awning pole extras. Dorema Multi Nova Excellent ALU QUICK SYSTEM FRAME Dorema's aluminum frame is ideal if you want to avoid the heaviness of a steel frame as it weighs around half the weight of a standard steel frame. It has a long life span and doesn't rust as easily as the steel frame. The frame consists of three major sections and three roof support poles. Each section contains a number of poles which are telescopic or ar

Online Caravan Scams to Beware of

The internet in most ways makes selling and buying caravans more convenient, however it also leaves people vulnerable to anonymous fraudsters. Here are a few ways scammers try to make you part with your money . Buying Caravans In some cases people put a false caravan listing online, advertising a caravan online, usually at a significantly lower price. This is usually done by using someone elses caravan, getting photos from either caravan rental sites or other caravan sellers online. Sellers may claim they have had a lot of interest and they require a down payment to secure the purchase. Always go to see the awning at the address in person before putting any money towards it. Renting Caravans

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