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How to Repair Tears or Hole in Your Awning Canvas

Is it inevitable that at some point you are likely to experience small years or holes in your canvas, this doesn't mean that it should be chucked right away. Here are some tips on properly repairing small tears or holes in your awning canvas.

Make sure you have the correct repair kit for your awning canvas, Isabella, Dorema, Kampa and Pyramid have repair kits available but still make sure that the colour or canvas type is suitable for your awning repair.

1. Firstly use a water-base, non-abrasive cleaning solution and carefully clean both sides of the canvas where the repair is needed. This cleaning is important as mold or mildew under the repair tape might make any damage worse.

2. Thoroughly dry the area whilst taking care not to make the tear worse, if you're able to it might be better to let the area air dry.

3. Place a board or a clean flat surface under the tear to keep the canvas flat. Apply any tape or patch carefully to the canvas, once part of the tape is down it should not be removed even if it is on incorrectly.

4. If you have not covered the entire tear don't try to remove the tape to reposition it, simply place another patch or tape over the rest of the tear.

5. Apply repair tape to the underside of the tear in the same manner.

It can be helpful to take repair kits with you on trips to use when touring incase you spot a hole or tear. A leaking roof can ruin a trip away, click here for our range of canvas repair kits.

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