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Air Awnings Vs. Poled Awnings: Which is Better?

Air Awnings have recently boomed in popularity, people are putting aside poles in favour of an easier and lighter awning alternative. Though how sure are we that these new air awnings are an improvement on the old poled versions? Here we list some Pros and Cons of Air and Poled versions so you can decide which style is best for you.


Lugging around awnings isn't anyone’s favourite part of the holiday, so what if that burden was lessened a bit by a lighter awning? Air Awnings are - for the most part - significantly lighter than their poled counter-parts. For example the Kampa Rally AIR Pro is 27% lighter than it's poled equivalent. This can be hugely helpful to anyone who struggles to carry and transport their awnings.


As with anything shiny and new, air awnings are often more expensive than poled. For 2016 the Kampa Rally AIR is £519.99, whereas the poled version comes in at £239.99. There are some more affordable air awnings on the market but the general trend is that they come in at a higher price. For your own uses you need to decide whether you are willing to pay a higher price for more ease of use and a lighter load.


A good quality air awning will have a durable rigid air frame that can match some poled frames, and in conditions that might cause a poled frame to break, the air frames flexibility can make it more durable. On the other hand, in some adverse weather conditions air awnings can be susceptible to leaks. With most air awnings this can be rectified by sealing off the air valves to that area or using a repair kit to seal the tear. Although generally some might find it is worth carrying the extra weight of a poled awning for an All Season pitch.

Erecting Your Awning

Air awnings can be significantly easier to erect than poled awnings, with some having one single inflation point it leaves little to manually do whilst erecting your awning. This can be a great benefit to those caravanners who are less able and would struggle to put up a poled awning. Air awnings are also convienient for those traveling alone as they can usually be errected by one person.

Both styles of awning have their Pros and Cons, but wherever you decide to get your awning, make sure you get it from somewhere that will look after you should anything go wrong or should you have any problems.

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