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Storing Your Caravan Over Winter

When leaving your caravan over winter you want to come back to it in the same condition as when you left it. A lot of factors over the winter months can cause damage to your caravans exterior and even the interior system. Follow these tips to make sure your caravan maintains it condition over the winter months.

Use a Cover

Whether you’re storing your caravan in a unit or on the street a Winter cover is always an essential. It’s better to be safe than sorry and a sealed winter cover can help prevent damp, mold and scratches.

Location of Storage

Avoid parking your caravan beneath a tree where adverse weather can break branches and damage your caravan. Be conscious of low ground where flooding can occur.

Prevent Damp

Place moisture absorbing crystals in your caravan to help to prevent condensation and damp. Leave caravan vents uncovered to help the flow of air and minimise damp.

Water System Checklist

  • Release all Fresh Water with drain-down tap

  • Turn off pump switch and open all the taps to aid drain down

  • Make sure lever type taps are midway between hot and cold and lifted up

  • Flush out your waste tank and put plugs in your sink, basin and shower tray to prevent odours

  • Empty all water via drain tap

  • Leave taps and shower control open to prevent trapped water freezing and expanding

  • Leave shower head hanging in the tray to prevent further trapped water

  • Water in filter casings can freeze and crack your unit, make sure you remove your filter


Storing your caravan and awning is the ideal time to clean your awning. Use a stiff brush and some plain water, if this doesn’t remove some stains use specialised awning cleaner however keep in mind your awning might need reproofing afterwards. Make sure you never put away your awning damp as this can cause mould to spread and can damage your awning.


Check your exterior for cracks in seals and to the body. It is important to rectify any exterior issue before storage. Minor cracks in seals can be fixed by Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure however serious damage to seals may mean they require resealing.

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