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Tips for Checking Your Caravan Tyres

Your tyres are an essential piece of your kit, when you're accelerating, breaking or cornering it is important that your tyres are in good working condition before any trips you plan on taking in your caravan.

caravan tyres check

When checking your tyres, in order to be thorough, you might want to use a tyre jack so that you can easily see the entire tyre.

Before your about to go touring with your caravan it's important to do the basic checks for cuts and bulges in your tyres. Make sure if you find any problems that you replace your tyre or repair the tyre if it is safe and possible.

Some advise that tyres be changed after five years however your tyre manufacturer may advise differently so you should double check the age limit advised. Tyres made since the year 200 should have the date displayed on the sidewall of the tyre.

Caravan tyres are held to the same legal requirements of car tyres, they must have a tread depth of 1.6mm accross the central three quarters of the tread all the way around the tyre.

You might find that your tyres appear to be fine and without cuts, however air can slowly escape your caravan tyres and so it is important to regularly check your tyre pressure, especially if your caravan has been in storage a while.

Make sure that your tyres are correctly inflated and in good condition for a safe and hassle-free journey.

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