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Prevent Condensation in your Caravan Awning

At some point your awning is likely to experience condensation for a number of reasons, usually this excess water will dissipate however in some conditions condensation can prove to be an troublesome.

Causes: The air inside your awning is much warmer than outside and this can produce condensation on your awning walls. Heaters, BBQs and humid, rainy weather conditions can make it worse. Cooking by gas for half an hour can produce half a litre of water, and sleeping at night you exhale approximately 1 litre of water.


Ventilate - The best way to reduced the build up of condensation is the properly ventilate your awning. The waterproof awning material, whilst keeping water out also keeps water in, not allowing it to escape through the fabric.

Pitch in a spot with a breeze - Pitching in a spot that has a natural breeze will help to ventilate your awning.

Wipe down condensation when you notice it - This prevents dripping from the awning roof and prevents mould from occurring in your canvas.


Cook inside your awning or leave caravan windows open whilst cooking - The heat from cooking inside your awning or caravan can create steam and increase condensation. When cooking in your caravan or awning, make sure to ventilate your awning by opening windows, doors or vents.

Don't pitch close to water - Pitching close to water can will lead to more condensation due to there being more moisture in the air and ground.

Don't store wet items in your awning - Leave wet clothes or other items to dry outside or the water that evaporates from them will cause condensation within your awning.

Condensation is unfortunately an inevitability when using an awning, however taking these tips into account you can lessen its effects and stop it from ruining your trips.

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