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Tips for Winter Caravanning

Each year more and more caravanners are touring throughout the Winter, opting for the quieter and serene experience. Winter caravanning can be lovely however there are extra factors to consider if you’re considering caravanning over winter.


When using your caravan over winter it is recommended that you use propane gas rather than butane. Propane has a lower boiling, point meaning it won’t freeze and leave you without gas.


Keep your inboard tank topped up and to prevent our exterior water container from freezing you can purchase an insulating cover. Make sure that after every winter trip you drain your water supply to prevent your tank freezing and becoming damaged.


Whether you’re using gas or electricity to heat your caravan make sure your system is reliable, just in case be sure to pack lots of layers. Be aware of your power supply because due to extra lighting and heat you will use a lot more over winter months.

If you have a caravan without double glazing you can buy plastic sheets for extra insulation at most DIY stores.


Avoid towing your caravan in ice or snow, however if you must travel increase your braking distances significantly and drive at a reduced speed.


A standard awning will not last over the winter months, the fabric will be too thin to retain enough heat and freezing temperatures may lead to damage and leaking. Many manufacturers have awnings developed especially for winter like the Isabella Winter Porch and Dorema Davos Porch.

Winter Caravanning Checklist

  • De-icer

  • WD40

  • Spare batteries

  • Warning triangles

  • Emergency beacons

  • High-vis jackets

  • Thermal blankets

  • Ice-scrapers

  • Torches

  • Shovel

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