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Checklist for Choosing a Caravan Pitch

When you first arrive on site it can be difficult to choose where to pitch, you might find when it's too late that you have chosen wrong. You might either find yourself miles form the facilities or without cover in adverse weather conditions. The following tips will hopefully help you to choose wisely a suitable pitch.

Look for surrounding water – Though the idea of pitching next to the river might sound appealing, it’s not worth the risk of flooding your caravan or water coming under your awning. Pitching up next to water can also mean more condensation inside your awning.

Stay in Shelter – Where you can, find a pitch near hedges or other structures to provide shelter from the wind or rain.

Flat Ground – Try to find a spot that is flat, uneven ground can be a nightmare when trying to level your caravan or fit an awning correctly.

Play Areas and Pools – If you’re traveling with kids to a site with a pool or play area it can be beneficial to stay near here, so that you can sit and relax at your ‘van whilst keeping an eye out.

Stay away from trees – Trees can drip sap and stain your caravan and birds roosted in trees can also leave your caravan a mess.

Toilets and Showers – Most importantly you probably want a shorter walk from the toilets and showers, scout out the amenities and try to choose a pitch close to them.

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