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Online Caravan Scams to Beware of

The internet in most ways makes selling and buying caravans more convenient, however it also leaves people vulnerable to anonymous fraudsters. Here are a few ways scammers try to make you part with your money .

Buying Caravans

In some cases people put a false caravan listing online, advertising a caravan online, usually at a significantly lower price. This is usually done by using someone elses caravan, getting photos from either caravan rental sites or other caravan sellers online. Sellers may claim they have had a lot of interest and they require a down payment to secure the purchase. Always go to see the awning at the address in person before putting any money towards it.

Renting Caravans

You might spot an amazing deal on a rental caravan online that looks too good to pass up. You place a down payment on your rental and travel to the site only to find that the owners are unaware of your rental and you're forced to find somewhere else to stay. Whenever you rent a caravan online make sure it's from a reputable renter and check reviews when you can.

Selling Caravans

A buyer will contact you seeming genuinely interested, asking to have it shipped abroad a pre-organised courier will collect the caravan and payment will be made via electronic cheque. However the cheque never clears and your caravan has been taken. Never give up your caravan until money has cleared in your account, if buyers are unwilling to wait this period refuse to sell to them.

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