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The Sealander, an Amphibious Caravan

This is the world’s first amphibious caravan; the Sealander is a yacht and a caravan in one. Designed in Germany this caravan weighs only 380kg. The Sealander functions as a normal caravan until it is lowered into the water.

The caravan is only 260cm wide and 185 cm high so it doesn’t exactly make for a luxury stay. It can, uncomfortably, sleep two and comes with a sink, a cool box and a camping toilet. The roof of the caravan is removable, allowing you to sleep under the stars.

The interior will be customizable through various modules that will become available. Additional packages can be purchased to make the caravan a little bit more liveable, including an Electronic package, adding interior lighting, 230V sockets and an onboard battery with a cigarette lighter socket. A Living package provides curtains, cushions and a table, and a Marine package adding accessories for boating.

Other additions can be made, from an iPod compatible Marine Radio to an on board shower.

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