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Tips for Cheap and Easy Caravan Rennovation

Is your caravan beginning to look a little shabby around the edges? or are you looking to give your well-loved van a make-over? These DIY decor tips will help make your caravan stand out and maybe cover up some cosmetic flaws.

1. Update your old ivory fixtures with some white spray paint, this quick and easy fix instantly revitalizes your 'van.

2. These stick on tiles are an inexpensive way of revamping your caravan's kitchen or bathroom.

3. Fix-up your walls or shelves by using maps or newspaper as wallpaper.

4. Use netting or curtains to spruce up your bedroom as well as separate your bunk room from the kitchen.

5. Use stick on floor tiles or wood panels to gussy up your floors.

6. Jazz up your caravan inner door with some bold print wallpaper.

7. Build your own sofa space saver and pull out bed, instructions here.

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