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Cheap Caravan Storage Solutions You Can Make Yourself

When you've only got a small space to work with it can be difficult to keep your items secure, organised and out of your way. These space saving DIY tips will cost you next to nothing and afford you loads more space for your caravan or motorhome!

1. Use velcro to secure your remote controls or mobile phones and to keep track of them whilst caravanning.

Velcro holders for remotes and phones

2. Put a hanging rail in you cupboards to free up extra space for food and keep opened packets sealed.

cupboard storage for caravaning

3. Use a plastic bottle to keep your phone safe whilst charging.

Phone charger holder

4. Stick on or screw in magazine holders onto the doors of your caravan cupboards to organize your kitchen stuff and free up cupboard space.

Cupboard storage

5. Use some old cloth to make a handy cutlery hanger.

caravan cutlery storage

6. Use a magnetic strip to easily store knives and cooking implements.

Caravan storage

7. For stylish drinks storage re-purpose a briefcase as a cupboard to keep your glasses and drinks safely stored away.

wine glass storage caravan

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