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9 Bargain Gadgets to Make Camping Stress-Free & Fun

Here are some cheap and cheerful gadgets and items that will make your camping/ caravanning trip easier and more enjoyable!

Handy camping gadget that really works! Features a 22cm diameter steel plate with four folding wire strut supports to grip bread slices. Simply place over your gas stove to toast up to 4 slices at once. Folds completely flat for easy storage. Get one here.

Don't mess around with batteries and gas lanterns, just charge this light up and enjoy a bright LED light hassle free. Up to 6 hours of light using internal rechargeable battery. 6 - 8 hour charge time using mains charging dock. Get one here.

These handy can holders are a really useful item. They can hold a glass, whether on the campsite, home or on the the beach. Simply stick into the ground at the side of your chair and place your drink inside. Comes with a handy hook to hang your keys or phone. Get one here.

The Sunncamp 5 in 1 Sofa Bed is perfect for all occasions. Whether you're by yourself or with another, this sofa bed will fold out for use as a single or double bed, or even a recliner. This bed quickly deflates & inflates & comes with a carry case, perfect for the glamper wanting to sleep a little more comfortably.

This product can be used in the following ways; 1. Sofa 2. Double Bed (single layer) 3. Single Bed (double layer) 4. Double Lounger 5. Double Lounger with back rest.

Get one here.

SunnCamp have brought you the Spork, which is a multi use piece of cutlery. You will wonder how you managed without one, once you have began using this. Get one here.

Leisurewize 3pce Splash Proof Pouches are ideal for carrying maps, phones, passports, cameras, books, money, computer tablets etc etc. Water and dust resistant with hook and eye fastening strips for extra security these are perfect for when you are on the move. All of the pouches have handy carrying straps. Get one here.

Fixes rips and holes fast. This multi-purpose fabric fixer is a must have for a longer trip where you're depending on your equipment & clothes to last the distance. Permanent, flexible, waterproof repairs to natural and man-made fabrics, Nylon, neoprene, rubber, leather, PVC, PU and most plastics. Ideal for repairing rips, splits, leaks and tears in waders, leather boots, shoes, wellington boots, wellies and waterproof clothing, tents, marquees, ground sheets, awnings, paddling pools, pool liners, inflatable boats and toys, horse rugs, trainers, car soft top repair, childrens toys etc. Get on here.

This spray is a lifesaver to campers, especially those traveling in the UK. Good to use on most outdoor materials like tents, coats, backpacks & walking boots, make yourself immune to the rain with this spray. Waterproof all of your items to relive the stress of soaking wet socks and a dripping tent roof. Get one here.

Why should your hair suffer whilst camping? This compact hairdryer is perfect for use on the go when camping, festivals, caravan and motor homes. Compact design with folding handle for easy storage. Can also be used for de-frosting vehicle windows. Simply plug into a 12v vehicle power socket or other portable 12v power supply. Get one here.

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