Status 580 Directional Antenna (Long Mast) - Digital and Analogue reception.

We have designed an efficient, wide-band, log periodic dipole array with an integral electronic booster. With the addition of specially designed telescopic antennas, the 580 produces exceptional performance across all UHF, VHF and FM signals. 

One of the most significant features of the Status 580 is the setting up and positioning of your antenna when you arrive on site. 

Firstly we had to overcome the problem of receiving horizontal and vertical signals with an antenna fixed to a mast mounted through the roof. Our solution is to incorporate an integral gearbox into the antenna dome, operated by a winder handle, which cants the antenna through 90 degrees. A clever and unique feature only offered by STATUS. 

The greatest benefit of our design was to simplify locating a TV transmitter whenever you arrived at a new destination. Firstly, raising and lowering the antenna dome and adjusting its direction can all be performed in the warmth and comfort of indoors. Then simply turning the folding winder changes the antennas' polarity from horizontal to vertical. 

Featuring Digital TV, DAB and FM radio reception, fixed FM radio antennas and a variable gain control with which to adjust transmission for strong and weak signal areas, the Status 580 Caravan TV Aerial is exceptional at finding and receiving signal easily and quickly and with the LED light power indicator, signal strength can furthermore be monitored with ease.

Includes signal finder and amplifier.

Vision Plus Status 580 Directional TV / Radio Antenna Long Mast

SKU: 04-3080
    • Horizontal & Vertical Polarisation Indicator
    • 2 TV Connections and 1 dedicated Radio connection
    • 12 – 24V DC Power Input connection
    • Antenna IN connection
    • On / Off Power switch
    • 2 year guarantee
    • Mast Length 920mm
    • Mast intrusion into locker 865mm inc winding handle (Roof cavity being 3cm approx)
    • Antenna dome Installed - Length 530mm - Width 340mm - Height 150mm
    • Mounting Foot & Gaiter - Diameter 122mm - Height 35mm - Roof cavity range 25-50mm
    • 12 Month Warranty