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Most standard car springs are designed with comfort in mind and as such are often not strong enough to take the extra load caused by towing or carrying heavy items in the boot. Coil spring assister's are designed to uprate the rear suspension on cars, estates and light vans to assist the rear suspension when towing caravans, trailers or carrying heavy loads. These spring assisters are manufactured from a high quality hard rubber compound and can be fitted by the average DIY motorist without the need for special tools. Sold as as pairs these top quality spring assisters represent great value for money. LWACC40 to suit coil springs 18mm to 25mm gap. LWACC41 to suit coil springs 26mm to 38mm GAP. LWACC42 to suit coil springs 39mm to 51mm GAP. LWACC43 to suit coil springs 51mm to 65mm GAP.

LWACC41 Coil Spring Assistors