Caravan Megastore is the trading name of Renishaw Caravan Accessories. Renishaw Caravan Accessories has one of the largest awning showrooms in the UK and a wide range of caravan accessories and outdoor leisure equipment.


Milenco Limited is the worlds market leading manufacturer of award winning, towing mirrors, high security caravan wheelclamps, hitchlocks, caravanning steps and levels. Milenco also produces a wide range of quality accessories for all your caravanning and motorhome use.


Milenco Gel Bumper Protector self adheshive clear - almost invisible on any colour bumper protects bumper from damage when hitching. Protect the paint work on your Bumper. Milenco have produced a Gel Bumper Protector, and is available from all good caravan retailers that stock Milenco products.
This product has been developed to address the problem of protecting vehicle's paintwork; particularly vehicle's fitted with swan-necked tow-bars.


The Protector is clear and almost invisible when fitted to your bumper, and can be used on any colour vehicle. With damage to your bumper typically costing £350.00 to repair, the Milenco Gel Bumper Protector represents a very good investment to protect your prized tow-vehicle.

Milenco Gel Bumper Protector Singles

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