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The SOLAR 50 Battery Charger System is designed as an expandable system for those looking for power independence but unsure of their power requirements.

The system is designed around the 50W or 100W MASTER Panel and the high specification Power Controller which allows the addition of more ADD-ON Panels to give a maximum capacity of 250W. However, we advise that you contact our After Sales Dept. for further guidance.

Once the MASTER panel is installed, ADD-ON panels simply glue into place, no special tools or drilling of holes is required.

The ADD-ON panels come fitted with the female link cable with integrated waterproof cap, plus the 3 metres of which male link cable to allow maximum flexibility when locating additional panels on the roof.

What’s in the box:

  • 50 Watt solar panel
  • 20 Amp Charge Regulator with 2 battery outputs (Battery 1 prioritised. When Battery 1 is 70% charged then the charge will be equally distributed to both batteries)
  • Roof mount cable gland
  • 5 Metres of power cable
  • 350mm female link-cable with water proof cap
  • In-line fuse
  • Connectors & Fittings
  • Full instructions


20 year warranty on cell output
IP68 Rating for Link Plugs
Panel Dimensions: 660 x 505 x 57mm
Panel Weight: 4.2kg
Operating Temperature: -40° to +85°C

Product Code 08-5800/50


Solar 50 Battery Charger System Master

SKU: 08-5800