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Special Details

The Isabella Space has a full standing height of 2 metres and a practical opening so that you can move things in and out quickly.

The Isabella Space comes with permanent ventilation at the back of the awning in order to create a pleasant indoor climate and ensure that your things don’t get damp or stained. 

2024 Isabella Space

  • Frame options :  Prenox steel frame

    Roof fabric :  PVC 520 g/m2

    Base Material :  PVC 350 g/m2

    Side/Tent Material : PVC 380 g/m2 - intensely resilient and water resistant material.

    Colours : Grey

  • Measures 

    Width :  150cm

    Depth :  220cm

    Height : 170/200cm

    Ground measure : 220 x 150 cm

    TaraWeight : 2.13

    NetWeight : 20.3