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Mega Space


Find space for your belongings in this robust storage awning for your permanent pitcher.

With its robust mega frame, the Isabella Mega Space is designed to withstand all weathers throughout the entire season.

So this is the perfect storage awning if you’re pitched permanently in a location and need even more storage space and stability than the slightly smaller Isabella Space provides.  

The Isabella Mega Space has a full standing height of 2.20 metres. This awning is accessed quickly and easily through the zipped door, which you’ll recognise from our awnings.

The Isabella Space comes with permanent ventilation at the back of the awning in order to create a pleasant indoor climate and ensure that your things don’t get damp or stained.



2023 Isabella Mega Space

  • Frame options : Zinox Megaframe tubular steel frame 32mm diameter with welded corners and double screw locking.

    Roof fabric : PVC 520 g/m2

    Base Material : PVC 380 g/m2

    Side/Tent Material : PVC 380 g/m2 - intensely resilient and water resistant material.

    Colours : Grey

    Measures : Width 180cm

    Depth : 220cm

    Height : 170/220cm

    TaraWeight : 2.13

    NetWeight : 11.14