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Isabella Air Cirrus North

Cirrus North is a combination of classic Isabella design, high-quality materials and a new IsaAir system. The fronts and gables are made in our traditional solid-dyed Isacryl, which is a lightweight, robust and above all breathable material.

Thanks to the solid-dyed material, your air awning will retain its beautiful colours for many years to come. The Isacryl fabric allows your air awning to breathe, and the large mosquito nets at both sides make for the best possible indoor climate while minimising condensation.  

2024 Isabella Air Cirrus North 400

  • Details

    • Width: 400cm
    • Depth: 275 cm
    • Removable/fold-down panels: Front- og gavlpaneler.
    • Large living area with a high ceiling.
    • Front canopy (air beams)
    • Now available in widths of both 3 and 4 metres and with air release valves on all three front leg beams so that you can now deflate more quickly when taking it down.