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2024 Isabella Forum Etna

The flexible permanent pitcher favourite is back!

The popular Forum awning has made a comeback in the Isabella range. The 2022 Forum is designed solely with a mega frame to give you all the stability you need for your permanent pitcher. The Forum is now available in the Etna colour scheme, which is characterised by warm, dark shades particularly well suited to seasonal camping.

The adjustable fronts of the Forum give you plenty of options for adapting your indoor and outdoor spaces however you want them. The front can either be pulled back one metre to make space for a covered terrace area, or you can just pull one half back and create a porch in front of the entrance door. The front sections can also be switched so that you can place the door on whichever side you prefer. An additional front section is available as an optional extra, allowing you to create a little “hallway” and so achieve even greater flexibility. 


2024 Isabella Forum Etna

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