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2023 Isabella Annex Grey 250

Need more storage space or an extra bedroom in the awning? Isabella offers various solutions.

Annex North and Annex Grey are tall annexes offering maximum height. Here, you have a choice of a CarbonX fibreglass or a Zinox steel frame.

Annex Sand also has a maximum height and is available with a CarbonX fibreglass or Zinox steel frame.

All Isabella annexes are equipped with an extra zip so the awning’s side panel can be used as a partition wall.

2023 Isabella Annex Grey 250

  • Specifications:

    • Material: Isacryl/IsaRoof
    • Colours: Steel/Antracite - coloured trim
    • Framework: Zinox steel or CarbonX fibreglass
    • Ground area: 230cm x 140cm
    • Weight: Zinox steel : 18.6kgs or CarbonX fibreglass : 14.2kgs

    Optional extras:

    • Inner tent

    This annex will fit:

    • Prisma
    • Commodore
    • Ambassador
    • Capri North
    • Magnum
    • Ventura D250
    • Ventura D300