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-This listing is for a red secondary coupling cable.

-High quality, OEM standard.

-A LEGAL REQUIREMENT on all trailers, and 3 points on your licence if not fitted or used.

-Designed to pull the brake on the trailer on and then snap in the event of the trailer coming detatched from the vehicle.

-It is recomended by the caravan club to carry a spare, as if you break one your trailer/caravan should not be on the road until it is replaced.

-Ring end to attach to the trailer, hook to attach to the car, as pictured above.

-Suitable for all braked road trailers up to 3.5T. We have them available for unbraked trailers in our shop.

-1m long, suitable for most applications.

-Price includes VAT and an invoice is included.

1m 2mm Braked Trailer Break Away cable (red) TR027