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Swiss Luxx is a complete range of Low Wattage Camping and Caravanning Electrical items. This range of products has been specially developed specifically for camping and offers energy efficiency which will benefit you whilst on site with a Caravan. NOW exclusively available in the UK from Milenco Limited.


The Swiss Luxx cordless kettle is the perfect low-wattage appliance for your caravan kitchen. Boil up to one litre of water with this stainless steel kettle. With dry boiling proteciton and auto cut off there's no need to worry about your kettle whilst caravanning. 


Swiss Luxx Cordless Caravan Kettle 1L - 650 Watts

SKU: 4022
    • Transparent water level gauge
    • 360 cordless base
    • Flip lid
    • High quality Stainless Steel Heating Element
    • Dry boiling potection 
    • Auto cut-off
    • Removeable filter
    • Double wall housing
    • ON/OFF switch indicator light. 650W