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A kit which will enable to make good quality repair to wetsuit or dry suit. It contain 2 types of adhesive, a 75mm diameter Stormsure TUFF patch and a 75mm neoprene patch:
WETSUITS: The orange tube contains Neoprene Queen. This is a contact adhesive which will enable you to repair cuts and splits in neoprene fabric in just five minutes. Apply the glue to both edges of the neoprene. When touch dry firmly press the edge together. Use the Neoprene patch if you need to cover a large hole.

DRYSUITS:  Use Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive in the white tube. Cover the leak with a drop of Stormsure Adhesive and allow to cure for 10-12 hours. This glue will also fix larger cuts without the need for any stitching or patches. Stormsure Adhesive will seal any leaking seams or stitching too.

Stormsure Wetsuit & Drysuit Repairs Kit