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4 Seasons Porch awning


This universal porch awning is designed for the most ardent of winter and touring campers in mind. It’s functional design and materials lends itself ideally to all season or winter use. Made of a very strong PVC coated polyester material that is very simple to clean. Both sides walls have a door fitted and the front panel can rolled down or removed.


Fitted with rear cushion pads and poles

2024 Dorema Oslo Porch Caravan Awning

  • Height: To fit caravans from 235-255 cm in height
    Size 1: 200 x 200 cm
    Size 2: 250 x 200 cm
    Size 3: 300 x 200 cm
    Size 4: 350 x 200 cm
    Depth: 200 cm
    Roof material: PVC coated polyester
    Wall material: PVC coated polyester
    Front panel: Can be rolled down or zipped out
    Side panel: Both panels are fi tted with a door
    Frame: Freestanding 25 mm steel frame
    Colour: charcoal/grey
    Size 1: approx. 24 kg
    Size 2: approx. 27 kg
    Size 3: approx. 30 kg
    Size 4: approx. 33 kg
    On both side panels you will find a fly screen panel