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2023 Isabella T@B Suncanopy

Fits onto T@B 320RS, T@B 320Offroad and T@B 400

2023 Isabella T@B Suncanopy

  • Specifications:

    • Colour: Two Tone Grey
    • Height: 210cm at the tallest point
    • Depth: 180cm
    • Weight: 320 : 6.8kgs; 400 : 8.3kgs
    • Material: Coated polyester in city chic colours and style to compliment the T@B
    • Frame: Curved aluminium tube for the front, adjustable roof poles with FixOn screwless brackets
    • Special details: The 370cm long storm guy is also a measuring tape to show the correct distance between the front legs.
    • Supplied as standard with: Exclusive bag with seperate compartments for canopy and poles