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The IMAGE 450 is a new concept in directional antennas. Drawing on the design of the Status Antenna, the enclosed elements produce the same sleek, stylish profile as the Status 570. This in conjunction with the special log periodic design provides powerful performance, comparable with much larger antennas

The IMAGE 450 Antenna will receive all UHF Digital TV. Utilising the optional VP3 or VP5 amplifier, or suitable diplexer, will receive FM & DAB Radio. For greater flexibility the IMAGE Antenna is designed to be used with all the masts in the Vision Plus Range or any mast
manufactured from 25mm diameter tube. For assistance in choosing the appropriate mast please refer to the details opposite.

Vision Plus Image 450 Digital Antenna

    • Frequency: UHF TV 470-790 Mhz
    • FM Radio 88-108 Mhz
    • DAB Radio 175-230 Mhz
    • Dimensions: 412L x 348W x 80D mm
    • Coaxial Cable: 5 metres & plug