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Avoid draughts from the wheel with this elegant and functional wheel arch cover. The wheel arch cover is universal and fits all caravans. At the same time, no screws are required so you don’t have to drill any holes (and risk leaks inside the caravan) to attach it.

The wheel arch cover is available in widths of 150 and 75 cm, and the height is adjustable. It is attached with a rail to the side of the caravan using double-sided tape. After this, the fabric is inserted into the rail and the wheel arch cover is attached. If necessary the rail can be shortened using a hacksaw. The rail is made of aluminium with black plastic end plugs, and the fabric is grey PVC.

The wheel arch cover bag contains one aluminium rail and four end plugs. There is also a bar for mounting, double-sided tape, a cloth for cleaning the caravan before attaching the tape, as well as the fabric itself.

Universal Wheel Arch Cover 150cm

SKU: 481100150