These patches are made from a thin but tough film of polyurethane which will stretch and bend with almost any fabric. 
Apply onto a dry surface for an instant waterproof and airtight repair.

Ideal for rip-stop nylon fabric, tents, waterproof clothing, Intex pools, paddling pools, PVC items, waders, plastic boots, Kite surfing fabric and bladders and much more.

5 x 75mm Circular Patches

Use like a sticking plaster, for instant repairs to leaks in inflatable pools and toys. Also patch leaks in above ground swimming pools, wellington boots, PVC clothing, Tents, Waterproofs and much more.
Just peel off the backing paper and apply the sticky patch to the damaged area. These patches are made of tough polyurethane. They will stretch with movement of the clothing or inflation of a blow up item. Also the material is very strong and abrasion resistant.

You will be able to make a 10 second repair on so many things and not let a damaged item ruin your p

Stormsure Instant Waterproof Repair Patches