The next generation of inflatable awnings


Our successful model Magnum is now available in the innovative inflatable version. Build with the Dorema super-fast and faultless - EAF system. The ideal awning for short trips and occasional use. Also this Magnum version is equipped with attached foam cushions and a set pressure bar to ensure a perfect seal against the caravan. Over the windows are adjustable ventilation openings. The windows are fitted with internal window blinds for extra privacy. You can choose from two colour combinations: blue/grey or charcoal/grey. 

StarCamp Magnum Air Weathertex 390 Inflatable Caravan Awning 2019

Optional Extras
  • Height: Designed to fit caravans from 235-255 cm in height
    Magnum 260 AIR: 260 x 240 cm base
    Magnum 390 AIR: 390 x 240 cm base
    Magnum 520 AIR: 520 X 240 cm base
    Depth: 240 cm
    Roof beading:
    Magnum 260 AIR: 260 cm + 2 x 20 cm
    Magnum 390 AIR: 390 cm + 2 x 20 cm 
    Magnum 520 AIR: 520 cm + 2 x 20 cm
    Roof and wall material: Extra strong quality
    Weathertex 4000 mm polyester, PU coated
    Front panels: 2, 3 or 4 roll up panels
    Side panels: Door both on the left and righthand side

    • Mesh ventilation doors in both side panels
    • Ventilation panels above the windows which can be closed

    Frame: Easy Air Frame tubes Quality
    Available colours: blue/grey, charcoal/grey and burgundy/grey
    Magnum 260 AIR: approx. 16 kg
    Magnum 390 AIR: approx. 22 kg
    Magnum 520 AIR: approx. 28 kg