The Riber products PortaRack is a British designed universal, easy to fit, adjustable roof rack with soft PVC suckers.  This product will fit most vehicles (4 door and 2 door assuming the windows can be lowered). With its solid structure this product is design to lift any goods of the roof to ensure no damage to your vehicle. It has a unique sucker system to compensate for the varying contours of car roofs, this helps to increase the spread of the load. Simple and easy to install this product can be set up in minutes and removed just as quickly. It features side pull out bars to aid loading and to avoid vehicle roof damage and comes completes with everything you need to get started.
Included with each PortaRack are 2x 50mm x 3.68m heavy duty 500kg break strain buckle straps to secure the roof rack to the vehicle roof and 2 x 25mm x 3.68m buckle luggage straps with 250kg breaking strain to secure your load.

Kayak/ Canoe Car Portarack