Quickly clearing and drying the system, the Floë system helps to prevent stagnant water, frozen pipes, bacteria growth and keeping your system clean and fresh without hours of work. Simply hook up to either a foot pump or a 12v/240v air compressor and you'll be able to clear out the water in no time!

The Floë Retro-Fit Motorhome Kit has the parts you need to effectively drain motorhomes, garden hoses, powerhoses and more. With a UK water-tap connector, ½" reducer and the Floë easy to use drainer, as well as full instructions on DVD.

Please note: Please always read the instructions thoroughly before use and do not pressurise the system above 15psi.


Drains the water system
Flushes pressurised air through pipes, taps, tank and pumps
UK water-tap connector, ½" reducer, Floë drainer and full instructions on DVD included

Floe Retro-Fit Motorhome Draining Combination Kit