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Elsan toilet fluids and toilet sachets help ensure safe, trouble free holidays in caravans, motorhomes and boats.


As well as toilet chemicals, Elsan make products to protect your drinking and waste water systems against bacteria and from freezing during winter including an anti-freeze that is harmless to pets.


And with a comprehensive anti-bacterial range which includes Screen Wash, BBQ cleaner, and hand saniter, you can be sure that choosing Elsan will help you enjoy a safe, enjoyable outdoor life to the full.


When added to the flush tank, Elsan Rinse keeps the toilet fresh and removes bad odours when the toilet is flushed. It also lubricates and cleans the bowl.

Elsan Pink Toilet Chemical Rinse - 2 Litre

    • Keeps toilet fresh-removes bad odours
    • Lubricates and cleans the bowl
    • For all makes of chemical toilet and cassette