Dorema class this awning as a SEASONAL quality awning suitable for constant use and longer periods, USAGE PERIODS; Constant use between March and October!!


Luxurious awning with lots of options!!


Seasonally sited campers demand the very highest quality materials for comfortable and relaxing holidays. The Royal 350 is produced in the very latest heavy quality Ten Cate All Season DormaTex material, the ultimate material for seasonal site use. By changing the position of the front panel you can obtain a depth of 240cm plus a large porch area/canopy of 110cm. By fitting the optional partition wall various practical layouts are available.


Sizes 18 - 22 Come With 28mm Easygrip Steel as standard

Dorema Royal 350 Caravan Full Awning 2019

  • Depth: 350 cm or 240 cm plus 110 cm canopy
    Roof material: Ten Cate coated polyester
    Wall material: Ten Cate All Season heavy quality coated polyester
    Front panel: Both panels can be rolled down or zipped out
    Side panels: Both 240 cm panels are ­fitted with a door and can be zipped out
    Frame: 25 mm EasyGrip steel frame,
    2 extra roof support poles in size 10-22,
    2 extra front legs in size 13-22
    Available sizes: 825-1200 cm
    Available colour: Charcoal/grey
    Weight: Size 10 approx. 55,5 kg