The next generation of inflatable awnings


This innovative air awning is an enhancement of our successful model Magnum which will now be available with inflatable tubes. The Magnum Air All Season has now been developed with the highly sustainable and durable extra strong Ten Cate canvas and in our own European factory. This is an Ultra-fast and flawless build with the Dorema EAF system. This new Magnum is standard with attached foam cushions and a set pressure bar to ensure a perfect seal against the caravan. The windows are equipped on the inside with window blinds. 

Dorema Magnum 260 Air All Season Inflatable Caravan Awning 2019

Optional Extras
  • Height: Designed to fit caravans from 235-255 cm in height
    Magnum 260 AIR: 260 x 240 cm base
    Magnum 390 AIR: 390 x 240 cm base
    Magnum 520 AIR: 520 x 240 cm base
    Depth: 240 cm
    Roof beading:
    Magnum 260 AIR: 260 cm + 2 x 20 cm
    Magnum 390 AIR: 390 cm + 2 x 20 cm
    Magnum 520 AIR: 520 cm + 2 x 20 cm
    Roof and wall material: Ten Cate All Season coated polyester. Easy to clean
    Front panels: 2, 3 or 4 roll up panels
    Side panels: Door both on the left and righthand side
    Mesh ventilation in both door panels
    Frame: Easy Air Frame tubes
    Available colour: charcoal/grey
    Magnum 260 AIR: approx. 18 kg
    Magnum 390 AIR: approx. 24.5 kg
    Magnum 520 AIR: approx. 30 kg