Set of four jack pad stackers designed to interlock perfectly with the BearPad Pro pads, fitting between the BearPad feet and the ground, to enable lowering of the caravan corner steady legs when on a slope.
With a large 15cm x 15cm base surface area the BearPad Stackers are designed to be sturdy and stable, resisting sinking into soft ground, whilst standing 4cm high (with a 5mm overlap), compensating for dips in uneven ground.
The BearPad Stackers are designed to locate positively with each other for a stable stack, and also to slot into the base of the BearPad Pro jack pad, preventing against slipping or movement of the pads when in place.Strong and robust. Together, the BearPad Pro Pads and Stackers combine to stabilise and keep your caravan level on uneven ground.
Set of four stackers
Designed to integrate with the BearPad Pro jack pads.
Base surface: 15cm x 15cm
Pad height: 4cm (less 5mm interlocking overlap)

BearPad Pro Stackers

SKU: BP351