Bradcot Awning Fixing Brackets (Pack of 2) - Bradcot Caravan Awning Parts

The Fixing Brackets (Pack of 2) are used to secure the roof bracer hooks of your awning without the drilling of any holes or having any permanent fixture to your caravan. The black rubber pad of the fixing bracket lays flat against the side of your caravan and acts as a buffer once tension is applied to the roof bracer.

The Fixing Bracket is slid onto the secondary piping/beading of the awning itself. The secondary piping/beading is sewn next to the main piping/beading that slides into awning rail of your caravan.

Once you have the Fixing Bracket in position, press the small black button on the fixing bracket to lock in place.

Please note you will require 1 Fixing Bracket for every roof bracer of your awning frame.

Awning Fixing Brackets (Pack of 2) For Aluminium Poles