Operate 240v UK Standard appliances such as mobile phone and digital camera chargers, portable DVD players and laptops on the road with this Plug-In Power Inverter from Streetwize Accessories. This Mobile 12v Power Source for cars, 4x4s, vans and boats will provide 75 watt continuous power and up to 150 watt peak power. 

Simply plug the inverter into your vehicle's 12v cigarette lighter socket, then attach the mains plug of your appliance into the inverter plug socket for a mobile power source. This Mini Power Inverter by Streetwize Accessories also features a handy USB input socket.

75W - 12V Mini Power Inverter - USB & Plug Sockets

    • USB input socket 
    • Compact lightweight design 
    • Adjustable multi position head 
    • Easily stored in the glove box 
    • Short circuit protection 
    • Overload protection