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2024 Isabella T@B 320

T@B 320 AWNINGS - For T@B 320RS or T@B 320 Offroad!

2024 Isabella T@B 320

  • Specifications:

    • Colour: Tweed/Blue
    • Roof material: Isaroof Light 240g/m2
    • Wall material: Isacryl 295g/m2
    • Footprint: 370cm x 180cm
    • Weight: 18kgs
    • Material: Front in Isacryl, beautiful colour fast, fibre-dyed acrylic. Side panels and roof made in coated polyester and lower panel is PVC for easy cleaning
    • Frame: Lightweight combination of aluminium and IXL fibreglass. AQdjustable roof poles. Screwless FixOn brackets
    • Supplied as standard with: Curtains, special draught skirt and wheel arch cover
    • Special details: The front panel can be removed or drawn. The ventilation net window feature in the right hand side panel has a zipped foil cover.