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2023 Isabella Adria Action 391


The best holidays are a mixture of busy action packed days, and times to relax and chill out, to make the most of all occasions there is no better place than an Isabella awning.

A caravan with a unique shape needs a specially designed awning and we have done just that for the 361 and 391 Adria Action European caravan models. It matches perfectly to the vehicles unique lines and is both elegant and functional.

2023 Isabella Adria Action North 391

  • Specifications:

    • Colours: Tweed
    • Roof material: Isaroof Light 240g/m2
    • Wall materials: Isacryl 295g/m2
    • Footprint: 432cm x 240cm
    • Weight: 29.2kgs
    • Frame: Lightweight combination of aluminium and CarbonX fibreglass. Adjustable roof poles. Screwless FixOn II - brackets
    • Material: Front in Isacryl, beautiful colour fast, fibre-dyed acrylic. Side panels and roof made in coated polyester and lower panel is PVC for easy cleaning.
    • Included: Curtains Hyacinth, draught skirt and wheel arch cover
    • Special details: The front panel can be removed or drawn. The ventilation net window feature in the right hand side panel has a zipped foil cover.

    Optional extras:

    • Annex 220
    • Storm securing set